Custom Products

At Via Evaluation, we are passionate about applying evaluation, coaching, and organizational development tools to help clients understand their progress and obstacles they can address in achieving their goals. While traditional grants and program evaluations are one way to reach this end, many of our clients have expressed interest in using evaluative tools for projects specifically tailored to their needs.

To meet this need, we have custom-designed several products. However, the types of custom-designed projects are not limited to those we have completed in the past. We are constantly exploring creative approaches, new research, and new methods that could be matched to your needs.

Attendance Analysis: provides a district or organization with clear, data-based information in a report format about district attendance or program attendance.

Databases and Data Collection Systems: provides a custom-designed database to maximize efficiency and effectiveness of an organization’s data collection.

Evaluability Assessment: determines whether a program is ready for a full evaluation.

High School Graduate and Dropout Analysis: explores factors contributing to both graduation and dropout in the district or organization.

Logic Modeling: helps organizations through the process of creating effective, usable program or organizational logic models.

Longitudinal Out-of-School Time Analysis: provides school districts and community based-organizations that have OST programs with a multi-year analysis of  all information related to student participation, including attendance levels, grades, state assessments, disciplinary incidents, and program function.

Organizational Development: varies depending on organizational need, but may include: staff assessments (360, leadership, DiSC), custom designed surveys, leadership coaching, procedure and operations review, manual creation or revision, and staff and key stakeholder interviews. We provide you with information and guidance to help you meet your organizations’ goals.

Supplemental Educational Services (SES) Analysis: examines effectiveness of SES, based on student performance, provider, or other outcomes.

Sustainability Analysis: provides a snapshot of the current services and providers, and offers recommendations to meet identified needs.

Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS) Analysis: provides the district or organization with a customized report detailing patterns and trends emerging from the YRBS Survey.